2022 OECD Infrastructure Forum

Session 8 - Breakout B: Greening Government: Leading by Example

Oct 12, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Room CC9 - Plenary room


In April 2021, the United States and Canada launched a new global effort — the Greening Government Initiative (GGI) — to engage and support governments around the world in greening national government operations. This first-of-its-kind international community of practice will enable countries to share knowledge and lessons learned, promote innovation, and help meet Paris Agreement commitments. The Greening Government Initiative serves as a platform for country representatives to share information and best practices, showcase innovation and success, and develop collaborative relationships with one another to accelerate national efforts to green national government operations and build climate resilience in the public sector. In many countries, the government is the largest real estate holder, fleet owner, electricity consumer, and purchaser of goods and services. Decarbonisation of government operations not only has direct emissions impacts, but also sends demand signals that can spur economy-wide actions, drive zero-carbon technologies and markets, lower decarbonisation costs, and demonstrate leadership by example. This session, which will feature speakers from the GGI, will discuss infrastructure’s role in the Initiative in more detail.


Speakers' presentations

Greening government: leading by example - the Norwegian...

By Dag Stromsnes

Greening Government: Leading by Example

By Cara Carmichael

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