2022 OECD Infrastructure Forum


Dag Strømsnes

Public Procurement Agency, Norway



Dag Strømsnes is Chief Procurement Officer in Norway. He has had this position since 2008. As head of the Norwegian public procurement department Dag is in charge of public procurement in Norway. He is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to ensure that public procurement in full compliance with the financial regulations and rules, and for ensuring that it provides value for money and that sustainable goals are included in the public procurement.in Norway. Dag is also responsible for the CPB, the unit in charge of negotiating framework agreements for the Norwegian government Dag’s department works in relation to covers all kind types of procurements such as for; goods, services, ICT, works/construction, army equipment and infrastructure investments, and has a remit to improve public procurement in Norway. There are 70 employees in his department. Before Dag started as CPO in Norway, he was a director in PwC. He worked as a procurement consultant for eight years.

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