2022 OECD Infrastructure Forum

Session 3: Implementing Quality Infrastructure Investment (QII) Principles : Ensuring a Pipeline of Quality Infrastructure Projects

Oct 11, 2022 | 9:45 AM - 11:00 AM

Room CC9 - Plenary room


The G20 Quality Infrastructure Investment (QII) Principles provide strategic direction for raising the economic efficiency of infrastructure assets over their life-span, while integrating social and environmental considerations, including building resilience. The Principles build on a global consensus that infrastructure is a significant driver of economic prosperity, and that well-built and sustainable infrastructure maximizes the positive impacts of infrastructure investments for all. Implementing the Principles requires concrete improvements in the planning, financing, and delivery of infrastructure, while maintaining a big picture view. Beyond ensuring the integrity of infrastructure decision making – a key QII pillar – infrastructure governance serves to maintain focus on overall needs and objectives across diverse sectors and levels of government in order to maintain a credible pipeline of well-managed infrastructure projects that can attract sustainable investment. The session will look at strategies and steps to implement the QII Principles at national and sub-national levels including measuring the economic, social, environmental, and development dimensions for project reporting and accountability, and for developing evidence on what works to inform strategic infrastructure decision making, e.g. project prioritisation, selection and investment to ensure a pipeline of quality infrastructure projects. Innovative solutions, like the Blue Dot Network, can serve to operationalise the high-level principles at the project level, promoting investment into quality infrastructure projects.


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