2022 OECD Infrastructure Forum

Session 2: Infrastructure planning to deliver the climate transition

Oct 11, 2022 | 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM

Room CC9 - Plenary room


Ensuring that infrastructure supports the green transition begins with the infrastructure planning process. This includes linking infrastructure, regional development and sector plans to national climate commitments; and laying out the pathways for infrastructure investment to enable economy- and society-wide shifts in transportation and energy production and consumption. Such ambitious efforts are required to meet countries’ Net Zero Emission commitments, and will require close coordination and collaboration across sectors and sub-national governments, with centres of government, ministries of environment, finance and foreign affairs, and with infrastructure planning and coordination bodies. Beyond this, early and meaningful public participation processes will also be crucial, as stakeholders must adjust to a changing world. This will require governments to present compelling cases for why new types of infrastructure -- that will change how people live and travel -- are needed, and the methodologies to measure impact over the life of the infrastructure asset. This session will focus on the practical steps that countries and regions are taking to ensure that infrastructure investment is a core part of the green transition.


Speakers' presentations

Policies and programming to support climate objectives

By Sean Keenan

Infrastructure planning to deliver the climate transition...

by Edson Silveira Sobrinho

Building A Better America, The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

by Zoe Jacobs

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