Online conference: Towards an effective and equitable digital education ecosystem

The Digital Transformation Collaborative: Mobilizing coordinated, cooperative partnerships to advance national visions for transformation in education

Dec 14, 2023 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


This session will explore the challenges and opportunities to advance digital transformation in education across the Digital Transformation Collaborative’s (DTC) 5 Cs framework: coordination, cost, connectivity, capacity, and content. Grounded in the example of Egypt, a country with a strong vision for leveraging digital technology to achieve their education sector goals, panelists will reflect on the importance of multistakeholder partnerships to realize scalable, sustainable plans for digital transformation in education. Galvanized during the Transforming Education Summit, the DTC's 30 partners — representing international organizations, technology providers, telecoms, NGOs, funds and foundations — have come together to collaboratively steer digital transformation in education towards equity, quality and sustainability. The DTC Secretariat sits within UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition. As the lead agency for SDG 4, UNESCO is responsible for ensuring that DTC actions drive human-centered digital transformation that supports states to deliver on every person’s right to education

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