Online conference: Towards an effective and equitable digital education ecosystem


Zohra Yermeche


Program Director, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility


Zohra Yermeche is Head of Connect To Learn, Ericsson’s global flagship education program since 2014. She oversees the development and deployment of Ericsson’s technology solutions for education across the world. Her focus includes promoting comprehensive strategies for digital transformation of education and delivery of digital infrastructure, tools and skills for societal human capital development. Dr. Yermeche is a strong advocate of the key role that technology and access to digital connectivity can play in addressing global sustainable development challenges particularly in the area of education and life-long learning. She has worked at the intersection of technology and education in key projects around the globe, leading diverse coalitions of like-minded organizations. Currently she drives Ericsson’s contribution to the UNESCO-led Global Education Coalition and the Digital Transformation Collaborative. She also oversees Ericsson’s participation to the UNICEF and ITU led Giga project on global school connectivity. Dr. Yermeche received her Ph.D. in Applied Signal Processing from the Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden). Her professional experience includes working as a senior researcher in Multimedia Technologies at Ericsson Research.

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