Addressing the protection gap for pandemic risk

Addressing the protection gap for pandemic risk

23-24 March 2021

Online event

The COVID-19 health emergency – and the confinement measures taken to slow the spread of the virus – has brought to light an important gap in the availability of insurance coverage for the resulting disruption to business. The purpose of this event is to better understand the impact that the crisis has had on different types of policyholders, the challenges that insurers and reinsurers face in extending greater support and the steps needed to find a solution to ensure that the financial impacts of infectious disease outbreaks are better managed in the future.



The necessary imposition of public health measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 has had serious implications for those businesses required to reduce their activities in response, particularly for small and medium enterprises. At the same time, it is unlikely that the insurance coverage held by the vast majority of businesses globally will cover the losses that have been incurred. As a result, a number of insurance sectors and governments around the world have initiated discussions on possible solutions for providing greater financial protection for this risk in the future. This conference will share the experience on addressing the challenges to insuring this risk across countries and finding possible solutions through public-private collaboration. In particular, it is being set up so that legislators of relevant countries can be better informed of options and experiences in other countries.