Addressing the protection gap for pandemic risk


Hadj Mohamed Seba

Compagnie Centrale de Réassurance (CCR)



Mr. SEBA is CEO of Compagnie Centrale de Réassurance (CCR). He began his professional career in 1990 at CCR as an underwriter. In 1995, he joined the Ministry of Finance where he held the position of Deputy Director of Insurance Control and was appointed in 1999 as Director of Insurance, a position he held until February 2007, date of his appointment as CEO of CCR. Mr. SEBA also taught the “economics and insurance” module to postgraduate actuarial students at USTHB University between 1998-2000. He has carried out and achieved several works relating to the field of insurance, including the establishment of specific reinsurance supervision system (July 2002), the initiation and implementation of 03-12 Law relating to natural disaster insurance in Algeria (August 2003), the establishment of a motor insurance guarantee fund (January 2005), initation of 06-04 Law relating to the Algerian insurance industry (February 2006), the launch of the Algeria decennial reinsurance pool (January 2009), implementation for the first time of the CCR rating process (June 2010), the launch of the Algerian special risks pool (January 2018) and the establishment of a CCR TPA subsidiary in the health insurance field (May 2018). Mr. SEBA graduated in economics from the University of Algiers in 1987 and has a postgraduate degree in finance (specialty insurance) from the Arab Maghreb Development Finance Institute (IFID) in Tunis, awarded in 1989.

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