PARIS21 2021 Annual Meetings: Data as a public good – Building resilience for a post-pandemic world


In early 2021, the XII Ministerial Forum for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean noted that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing the greatest economic recession of the last hundred years, as well as widespread increases of poverty and inequality. Collaboration among state and non-state actors on monitoring societal, economic or environmental issues can shed new light on different aspects of inequality, create a mechanism of accountability and bolster a sense of ownership. Digital technologies and new forms of data open up new opportunities for action at all levels of government. Participatory approaches to data production and engagement with local data holders and civil society can forge trust in data and strengthen accountability throughout the data ecosystem. This session will provide space to discuss a set of mechanisms to improve participation and engagement with different data actors, taking stock of country experiences in collaboration between the state and civil society. All sessions will feature simultaneous translation in English, French and Spanish.