PARIS21 2021 Annual Meetings: Data as a public good – Building resilience for a post-pandemic world


Philipp Schönrock



Philipp Schönrock founded Cepei in 2002. Headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, Cepei is a data-driven think tank from the Global South. Cepei runs on its diversity and the creativity of its multidisciplinary team of issue experts and partners worldwide. Based on data and analysis, it empowers people and institutions to find pathways towards sustainable development. During his career, he has provided actionable policy solutions and insights, and conducted the highest-level advocacy in strategic international cooperation to optimize governance, finance, and data for sustainable development. Before joining Cepei, he worked at the École de la Paix in Grenoble, advised the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation in Paris, France, and in Colombian government’s commercial office in Hamburg, Germany. He has advised several international organizations such as the World Bank, UNDP, Inter-American Development Bank, Ford Foundation, King’s College London, and GIZ, among others.