OECD Local Development Forum 2024 - Building Bridges, Shaping Tomorrow

OECD Local
Development Forum 2024

Building bridges, shaping tomorrow

24 September - Malmö, Sweden
25 September - Copenhagen, Denmark
In person only | Registration open!

Registration is now open!

Secure your spot at the 2024 Local Development Forum via the link below.  To explore everything this year's event has to offer, access the programme from the menu bar. 

This year the Forum is landing in 

Greater Copenhagen 

Get to know the unique cross-border region where Sweden meets Denmark and Scandinavia meets the world. Where freedom makes people and businesses thrive. Where big ideas have space to flourish.
Video Credit: Greater Copenhagen Region
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Want to learn about the spirit of the Forum? Check out the two videos to the left to get an idea of what it's like to experience the Forum in person.

What's in store for 2024?

The 2024 edition of the OECD Local Development Forum is heading to the Greater Copenhagen Region under the theme "Building bridges, shaping tomorrow". This annual gathering is your chance to join local development practitioners, policy makers, and stakeholders to exchange insights, strategies, and innovative solutions for shaping resilient and inclusive communities of the future. 

Participants will get the chance to discuss trending topics such as collaborating across borders, expanding local innovation and addressing local skills shortages. They will explore strategies for transforming places and leveraging local assets to drive sustainable development. Through plenary sessions, workshops and site visits in not one but two different countries, they will discover how communities are fostering inclusive innovation ecosystems and empowering people, places and firms to thrive. 

Join us in Greater Copenhagen as we build bridges and shape tomorrow together! 

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