2021 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Week

Opening remarks & Session 1: The urgency of green investment

Oct 27, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


The climate emergency and other environmental threats require instant mobilisation of all public policy and expenditure tools for an effective transition to green governance. Choices made on infrastructure systems and on public expenditures in the next decade will be critical for achieving global and national climate goals such as net zero carbon emissions, and halting the dramatic loss in biodiversity. Transition to green governance should also contribute to a more inclusive investment process. Achieving climate and social objectives will require far-reaching transitions in energy and mobility infrastructure that will depend on a rapid scaling-up of investment in low-carbon electricity generation, significant improvements in energy efficiency, and the deployment of new energy and transport technologies such as grid-scale storage and hydrogen. Business as usual types of investments could lock the world into an unsustainable path. Furthermore, governments, as major buyers of goods, services and public works, have the duty to lead by example and promote behavioural changes that would drive more sustainable and inclusive consumption practices. The magnitude and urgency of the climate change challenge require a new holistic public governance approach to infrastructure and public spending to make the climate transition happen. The OECD has been supporting member countries in their efforts to strengthen government capacity – both institutional and administrative, including at regional and local levels – to take into consideration environmental aspects in public investment decision-making to facilitate socially inclusive, green and digital transitions. This session will discuss efforts and initiatives led by governments to design and implement infrastructure plans that actively contribute to environmental ambitions and actions that support a greater uptake of green public procurement strategies.

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