2021 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Week

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2021 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Week

25-28 October 2021

6th Forum on the Governance of InfrastructureBuilding a more resilient future: quality infrastructure for all

The 2021 edition of the Forum looked at how infrastructure governance can actively contribute to global and national climate action goals and promote an inclusive and equitable growth following the COVID-19 crisis. It highlighted some of the most effective governance practices in infrastructure planning, decision-making and delivery, including the latest trends to maximise the benefits of infrastructure to societies and economies

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Resilience and maintenance

Drawing on examples and case studies, the new OECD report "Building resilience - New strategies for strengthening infrastructure resilience and maintenance" provides a framework to optimise existing infrastructure assets and build new resilient infrastructure, including new strategies capable of ensuring quality and performance over the asset life-cycle.
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Gender-responsive infrastructure

The new OECD report "Selected stocktaking of good practices for inclusion of women in infrastructure" proposes a framework for incorporating gender considerations throughout the public investment process and involving more women in decision-making processes in order to better take into account the gender impacts of infrastructure decisions. 
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Overview of the 2020 edition

Infrastructure Governance

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