Unlocking climate change data for a just transition

Nov 17, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


This session, organised by the Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21), brings together experts and decision-makers to explore how a proliferation of climate change data can contribute to just and equitable climate action, and how to overcome coordination and coherence obstacles among an ever-expanding pool of climate change data producers and users. For a just climate change transition to succeed, countries must put the well-being of people at the heart of solutions, yet populations are diverse and have varying needs. Timely, accurate, disaggregated climate change data are fundamental to understanding how the complex interconnections of the environmental, social and economic aspects of climate change affect all people, including vulnerable and marginalised groups. Today, a proliferation of climate change data from public and private sector entities has yielded new solutions, yet coordination, governance and data quality challenges are also on the rise. A new approach is needed. PARIS21 has developed an ecosystem approach to climate change data that has the potential to transform coordination and coherence of data at the national level as well as strengthening the role of data in policymaking. This, in turn, can help drive a just transition towards climate-resilient societies by ensuring that decisions are based on the data that best enables policymakers to understand and respond to the heterogeneous needs of their populations.



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