Youth on the move: Young people and transport in the 21st century

Nov 10, 2022 | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


How young people move and interact with transport matters. For them, mobility is a principal means of gaining access to education, work, friends and other opportunities. It is during youth that lasting travel behaviours are set. How, how frequently, how far and for what purposes young people move (or refrain from moving) will matter from a sustainability, economic, liveability, health and well-being perspectives. And yet rarely are the aspirations, desires, travel behaviours and expectations of youth directly or explicitly integrated into transport policy. This session will include youth voices, and will address the travel patterns and behaviours of youth, their expectations regarding mobility and life opportunities, their mobility-relevant experiences, and how youth may be brought into transport sector jobs and public sector transport policy-making. Have your say – come prepared! Participants in this session are invited to give their input into this topic in the chat to any of the following questions ‘How can youth voices be better reflected in transport?’ ‘How will today’s youth travel tomorrow?’ ‘How can we encourage youth to join the transport workforce?’ Relevant contributions will be read out by the moderator as part of the panel discussion. Contributions should be in 60 words or less, with weblinks where relevant.


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