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Ms. Ingunn Sørnes

Innovation Norway

Special Advisor


Ingunn Sørnes is a special advisor in Innovation Norway over a period of 15 years, being responsible for the development of a policy and programs on sustainable tourism in Norway since 2007. Ingunn has since 2016 been a part of the GSTC, Board of Directors and attendance in different international fora and networks on sustainable tourism. Her career started in the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Rural Development, and she has also served some years from the State Bank of Agriculture and the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND), in both organizations she was involved in policy issues, funding, RD coordination, international cooperation and training programs. In Innovation Norway her responsibilities have been building awareness and measures on sustainable tourism in the Tourism Department, including the development of a National standard and scheme for sustainable tourism at destination level, Sustainable Destination Norway. The national certification scheme assists DMOs in their work towards sustainability in tourism, providing tools and manuals for destination management based on sustainable principles. Climate action awareness and the need for measurable management actions has increased in importance under the scheme, and a strategic planning tool on climate friendly tourism, CO2rism, launched under the pandemic. Ingunn is passionate in transferring policies into actions and measures able to support the tourism industry in their strategic decisions and priorities towards a more sustainable future.

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