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Ms. Titi Kanti Lestari

BPS-Statistics Indonesia

Director of Finance, Information Technology and Tourism Statistics


Titi Kanti Lestari has worked for BPS-Statistics Indonesia since 1983. Currently she is Director of Finance, Information Technology and Tourism Statistics. She is responsible for managing data collection, processing and analysis of finance, information technology and tourism statistics at BPS Statistics Indonesia. She is previously Director of Distributive Statistics, Head of Export Statistics Subdirectorate and Head of Expenditure Account Consolidation Section. Titi is currently a member of International Statistics Institute (including IAOS and ISBIS), UN GWG on Big Data, UN MPD Task Team, UN AIS Task Team, UN WG on Globalisation dan Digitalisation, UN Sub Working Group on Curriculum and Guidance, and ITU Expert Group on ICT Household Indicators. Titi has a Ph.D from Monash University Australia in Applied Econometrics, and has a Master Degree in Economic Development from Wollongong University Australia. She also has a Bachelor Degree in Financial Management from University of Indonesia and a Diploma in Statistics from Academy of Statistics Indonesia.

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