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Ms. Isabel Alvarez


Vice Minister for Tourism


Sociologist from the National Major of San Marcos University, cultural manager, cooker, entrepreneur, communicator, professor and gastronomic researcher. She has more than 30 years of experience in the sector, is a leader and researcher with more than 15 publications on the gastronomy of the regions throughout the country, and has also been an ambassador of the Peru Country Brand. She is a pioneer in the activity of recovery and revaluation of Peruvian traditional cuisine, founder of the Peruvian Association of Gastronomy (Apega), she also received the Order of Merit of Women and the title of Meritorious Personality of the Culture of Peru. She is the creator, manager and promoter of the organization of the Andean Countries Cuisine Congresses. Manager and responsible for the research team that obtained the declaration of the “Picanterías” and “Chicherías” of Peru as Cultural Heritage of the Nation. She has represented Peru in various events, disseminating and spreading the Peruvian Regional Cuisines in Latin American and European countries. She is a lecturer and speaker on the topics of Cuisine, Culture, Biodiversity, Ethics, National Identity, Tourism, Restoration, Complex Thought in Peru and abroad, for which she has received several important awards and recognitions, due to her trajectory and various publications, all from a complex and interdisciplinary perspective. She was appointed Vice Minister of Tourism of Peru since October 2021.

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