Technology in and for Society: Innovating well for inclusive transitions

2b) Realising Net Carbon Neutrality: The Role of Carbon Management Technologies

Dec 7, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


Reaching net carbon neutrality is one of the central global challenges we face, and technological development will play a key role. A carbon transition will necessitate policies that promote sustainable management of the carbon stored in biomass, but not exclusively so: technology is increasingly making it possible to recycle industrial sources of carbon, thus making them renewable. The idea of “carbon management” may capture the different facets of the answer: reduce the demand for carbon; reuse and recycle the carbon in the bio- and technosphere; and remove carbon from the atmosphere. But a reliance on technologies for carbon capture and usage (CCU) and carbon capture and storage (CCS) may present barriers for other more radical transformations. ● What knowledge is necessary to better guide national and international policy communities as they manage emerging technology portfolios for carbon management? ● What can more holistic approaches to carbon management offer for developing technology pathways to net carbon neutrality? ● What policies could ensure that one technology is not a barrier for implementation of another?



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