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Michael Carus


Managing Director and Founder


Michael Carus studied physics at the University of Cologne. He worked as a scientific staff member for nuclear energy and environment at the University of Tuebingen, as a scientific journalist for different professional magazines, at the KATALYSE-Umweltinstitut in Cologne (head of the department environment and resources), for the US company Tektronix GmbH in Cologne (IT) as well as for the company Flachglas Solartechnik GmbH in Cologne (solar power) until founding the nova-Institute for Political and Ecological Innovation together with other scientists in 1994. The nova-Institut is a private and independent research institute providing research and consultancy with a focus on renewable carbon in the chemical, plastics and fibre industries: bio- and CO2-based and recycled materials. This involves raw materials, technology scouting, markets, sustainability and life cycle assessment, policy as well as dissemination and B2B/B2C communication. The institute has more than 40 scientific staff. Since its founding, Michael Carus has served as a board member and managing director. Mr Carus is a member of various associations, societies and international organisations. Carus is a science-based advisor on corporate strategy, policy and sustainability in the chemical, plastics and fibre industries around the world. In 2020, Carus initiated the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI). The RCI aims to support and accelerate the transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon for all organic chemicals and materials. In this context, Carus was invited as an expert to the dialogue forum "A Value Model for Carbon" of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2021.

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