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Alke Boessiger

UNI Global Union

Deputy General Secretary


Alke Boessiger is the Deputy General Secretary of UNI Global Union, the global union federation for skills and services, representing over 20 million workers in 150 countries. Elected Deputy General Secretary in 2018, she leads UNI staff, finances and administration and oversees several strategic policy areas as well as external stakeholder engagement. Working in leadership roles at UNI for some twenty years, she previously headed two of UNI’s largest sectors, Commerce and ICTS, where she was instrumental in securing multiple international framework agreements safeguarding worker rights in global companies. She is a member of the steering committee of the “Bangladesh Accord”, a legally binding agreement between multi-national companies, retailers and trade unions which improves health and safety standards in Bangladesh’s global fast-fashion manufacturing hub. Recently, Boessiger played a key role in negotiating a national supply chain initiative in Bangladesh to sustainably uphold improvements to workplace safety achieved under the Accord.