Global Deal conference - A Better Future for Essential Workers

Global Deal Conference 
A Better Future for Essential Workers

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About the Conference

This high-level event, organised in partnership with the Open Society Foundations, will focus on the critical role of essential workers in supporting economies, societies and businesses. It will bring together international organisations, governments, business leaders and worker representatives to discuss practical changes to improve the working lives of both formal and informal essential workers. The conference offers an opportunity for policy makers and stakeholders to engage and to find solutions together, highlighting examples of practices that have been shown to work during the pandemic, but that need to be sustained in the longer term. This includes measures to secure fair and decent working conditions, to access social protection, to improve health and safety at the workplace and to end work-related violence and harassment.


Interpretation will be available in English, French and Spanish for all sessions


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Who are we?

The Global Deal is a multi-stakeholder initiative for social dialogue and inclusive growth – a partnership of governments, businesses and employers’ organisations, trade unions, civil society and other organisations. The aim of the Global Deal partnership is to benefit from, and contribute to, a platform that highlights the value of social dialogue and strengthens existing co-operation structures.
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Resources & Capacity building

This resource page gathers documents and publications produced by the Global Deal Partnership. These resources aim to build support for the Global Deal as well as address the challenges in the global labour market to enable all people to benefit from globalisation.
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Good practices

One of the aims of the Global Deal is to provide platforms for sharing experiences and examples of good practices. The Global Deal platform aims to work as a web-based repository that showcase good practices that can serve as an inspiration on how various stakeholders can work within the Global Deal partnership.
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Joining the Global Deal enables knowledge-sharing among partners – the exchange of ideas, good practices, experiences and lessons learned. It is also a platform for joint projects, to interact on policy advice and research, building on already established initiatives and processes.
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