OECD Global Forum: Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy


Mathieu Bousquet

European Commission

Acting Director DG NEAR A


Mathieu Bousquet, Acting Director DG NEAR A: thematic support, coordination of policy and financial instruments. Mathieu Bousquet is responsible for the coordination and provision of thematic expertise and support to all geographical and horizontal Units in DG NEAR in the areas of economic development (including macroeconomics, trade, competitiveness, private sector development, human capital development), and connectivity (including environment and climate change, energy, transport and digital). He has been leading, up to recently, the unit in charge of Georgia, Moldova and regional programmes in the field of governance, economy and digital. He also led on a programme combining governance and international trade. Mathieu has experience in many East European, African and Asian countries where he managed development assistance, since 2002 for the EU institutions and before under French and UN agencies

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