OECD Global Forum: Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy

Ministerial Meeting

Ministers and high-level representatives from 38 OECD countries, the European Union, as well as OECD accession candidate countries, met in Luxembourg on 18 November for the OECD Public Governance Ministerial on "Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy" to propose concrete actions to address the pressing challenges facing democracies today. .

Ministers discussed:
Annotated Agenda - Englishen francais 
Key Issues - Englishen français
Building Trust - Englishen françaisen español 
Reinforcing Democracy: Preparing the Ground for Government Action - Englishen français 

Ministers took action:
Luxembourg Declaration  Englishen francais 
Action Plan on Public Governance for Combating Mis- and Dis-information  Englishen francais 
Action Plan on Enhancing Representation, Participation and Openness in Public Life  Englishen francais 
Action Plan on Governing Green  Englishen francais