OECD Global Forum: Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy

Parallel session 6: Addressing barriers to women’s representation

Nov 17, 2022 | 2:20 PM - 3:25 PM

Salle D


Ensuring that public institutions reflect the diversity of the population they serve can significantly contribute to enhancing their fairness and responsiveness, as well as to strengthening democracies’ capacity to deliver on global challenges effectively. Indeed, as forthcoming OECD research shows, gender-balanced representation in parliaments is associated with increased satisfaction with democracies and citizens’ trust in government decision-making. However, women’s representation and participation in public life continue to be hindered by long-standing and new barriers, including gender norms and stereotypes, work-life balance challenges, limited commitment by political parties, as well as harassment and cyber violence. This session will gather a variety of stakeholders to discuss the barriers to women’s representation and participation in democratic institutions and processes and explore the measures that government could take to prevent, address, and eliminate them effectively to promote stronger, more inclusive democracies.

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