OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial


Laurence Lwoff

Council of Europe

Head of Human Rights and Biomedicine Division


Mrs Laurence LWOFF holds a MSc. in reproductive physiology from the University of Paris VI – Jussieu (France). She then obtained her degree in agronomy from the Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon (France) in 1986 and received her PhD in molecular biology in 1989. She joined the Council of Europe in 1991, where she was entrusted with the responsibilities of the Secretariat of the Conventions concerning the use of animals in agriculture and science, in the Directorate of Legal Affairs. In 1999, her responsibilities were extended to biotechnology. She was the Secretary of the International Conference of the Council of Europe on Ethical Issues Arising from the Applications of Biotechnology (Oviedo, Spain, May 1999). In 2002, she joined the Bioethics Department where she has been responsible in particular for the activities on human genetics and on the protection of the human embryo and the foetus. Since 2012 she is the Secretary of the intergovernmental committee in charge of the protection of human rights in biomedicine, i.e. the Steering Committee for Human Rights in the fields of Biomedicine and Health (CDBIO). She is the Head of the new Human Rights and Biomedicine Division (DGI - Human Rights Directorate).