OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial


OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial

23-24 April 2024 | Paris, France


Discover a series of video interviews offering insights that echo the debates and session highlights from the Multistakeholder High-Level Dialogue, the Ministerial Meeting, as well as the Ministerial side events and discussions.

Interview with Yesenia Olaya, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia

Partnerships for climate change and biodiversity, involving industry, researchers, public authorities, and citizens, accelerate key technologies and innovations. Citizen engagement fosters sustainable practices and contributes to biodiversity data collection. Embedding these partnerships in national and cross-national strategies ensures scalability and impact. Government plays a crucial role, using policy instruments and acting as a lead user and network builder for green innovations.

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Developing Talent and Promoting Diverse Research Career Paths in a World in Transition: Cross Interview with Amanda Collis and Cecilia Cabello Valdes

Interview with Amanda Collis, Chair of the OECD Global Science Forum, and Cecilia Cabello Valdes, Chair of the OECD Working Party of National Experts on Science and Technology (NESTI). 
How can we develop talent and promote diverse research career paths in a world in transition? Panel B2.2 explored the vital role of scientific and technical skills in green and digital transitions. It emphasized the importance of supporting academic research and valuing competencies beyond academia. How essential are digital skills for leveraging data and AI tools? The discussion highlighted cross-sector collaboration, the need for equitable research assessment criteria, and evidence-based policy interventions. It also stressed international cooperation for sustainable monitoring and informed career choices in research.

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OECD Youthwise and global biotechnology policy: Key insights

Alexandros Skouris highlights the importance of OECD Youthwise participation in the Global Forum on Technology, particularly around biotechnologies. As countries enhance their biotechnology capabilities, technologies like synthetic biology, gene editing, gene drives, and biomanufacturing promise significant advancements but also pose policy challenges such as biosecurity, innovation scaling, and global equity. During the April 2024 OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial Meeting, the Global Forum on Technology addressed these issues, focusing on next-generation biotechnologies. 
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Human enhancement, emerging technology and the human future 

Interview with Siobhan O'Sullivan, Chair of the Steering Committee for Human Rights in the Fields of Biomedicine and Health. At the April 2024 OECD Science and Technology Ministerial Meeting, a key session focused on human enhancement and emerging technologies. Breakthroughs in genomics, gene editing, 3D printing, and stem cell therapies promise tailored medical treatments and new capabilities to alter heredity. Brain-computer interfaces offer potential therapies for individuals with disabilities and mental illnesses, and can enhance sensory and cognitive experiences, raising ethical, legal, and social considerations. The rapid pace and broad scope of these advancements require critical reflection on the nature of human augmentation, the balance of benefits and risks, and the potential for exacerbating societal inequalities.

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24 April 2024, Day-2 Photo gallery

23 April 2024, Day-1 Photo gallery

22 April 2024, Day-0 Photo gallery

These pictures have been taken during the Pre-Ministerial events of the OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial, in Paris, France.

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