OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial


Christina Egelund


Minister for Higher Education and Science


Christina Egelund, born December 9th 1977 in Hjørring, daughter of self-employed Karsten Egelund and self-employed Else Marie Pedersen. Lives with Cyril Thibault. Member period Member of the Folketing for Liberal Alliance in North Jutland greater constituency, 18. June 2015 – 5. June 2019. Candidate for Liberal Alliance in all nomination districts in North Jutland Greatern Constituency, 2014-2019. Parliamentary career Minister for Higher Education and Science from 15. December 2022. Chairwoman of the parliamentary group of Liberal Alliance, 2018-2019. Education Lettres Modernes (unfinished), Sarbonne, Paris, 2000-2003. Upper Secondary School certificate (mathematics), Hjørring Gymnasium, 1993-1996. Employment , 2022. , 2021-2022. , 2021-2022. Independent businesswoman, Jambo Feriepark (camp site) , 2006-2015. Stockbroker, Chequepoint, Paris, 1996-1998. Commercial salesperson, youth worker , Bingohallen (bingo hall) Hjørring, 1991-1993. Affiliations , 2019-2022. Member of the board of VisitDenmark, 2013-2015.