OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial


Herve Chneiweiss


Chairman of Ethics Committee


Hervé Chneiweiss is a neurologist and neuroscientist, MD-PhD, Research Director at the CNRS and hospital neuro-oncologist at AP-HP. He is currently head of the research center Neuroscience Paris Seine (CNRS /Inserm/Sorbonne University). Trained as a neurologist (movement disorders, neurogenetics), his scientific work was mainly dedicated to the biology of astrocytes and for the last 20-y their roles in brain tumour origin, progression and plasticity, identifying new metabolic drivers and therapeutic avenues. He has authored more than 180 academic papers. He is also involved in bioethics, presently chair Inserm Ethics Committee and EMBL Ethics Board, past-chair of UNESCO International Bioethics Committee, former member French National Ethics Committee (CCNE), WHO advisory committee on developing global standards for governance and oversight of human genome editing and vice-chair of ARRIGE, expert OECD for recommendation 457 on neurotechnology in health. He wrote several books or chapters on bioethics of human embryos, stem cells, genetics and neuroscience.

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