OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial

Panel B3.1 - The ocean we want by 2030: the role of ocean observation data for research, growth, and wellbeing.

Apr 23, 2024 | 8:45 AM - 10:30 AM



Breakout B3. Protecting the future with science and technology

The ocean we want by 2030: the role of ocean observation data for research, growth, and wellbeing

Breakout 3: Protecting the future with science, technology, and innovation

Amidst the acceleration of climate change and biodiversity loss, understanding the ocean's dynamics is imperative for OECD countries and partner economies. The ocean covers 71% of the planet's surface and supports 90% of its biosphere, playing a crucial role in sustaining life by producing over half of the oxygen we breathe and absorbing 90% of heat from human-induced greenhouse gases. 
However, booming ocean economic activities have led to severe environmental impacts, necessitating policy action to establish and maintain critical ocean observing infrastructures. These infrastructures provide essential data for scientific research, commercial operations, and public policy objectives, aiding in understanding local conditions to global climate processes. This session, co-organized with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission at UNESCO, will convene policymakers, research institutes, ocean experts, private sector stakeholders, and civil society to explore the role of science and technology policy in ocean observations, contributing to the broader agenda of sustainable ocean science and management leading up to the UN Ocean Conference in Nice, France, in June 2025.

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Key resources

Papers and reports

• Value chains in public marine data: A UK case study 


• The Ocean Economy in 2050 
• Understanding the contribution of Flanders’ public marine data to society, OECD Working Paper (to be presented at the Blue Economy Science Summit (BESS), 23 May 2024 in Ostend). 
• Socio-economic valuation of ocean observations: A new approach in modelling their value in decision-making, a joint working paper by the OECD with the Global Ocean Observing System and the Univ. of New Mexico 
 • Ocean floor mapping and its importance for sustainable growth of the ocean economy, a joint paper by the OECD and the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) 
OECD work on a sustainable ocean