LAC Environmental Sustainability Summit

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Towards Climate Resilience and Neutrality 

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire on the Plan of Action and Digital Platform of Best Practices is a follow-up to the presentation of the Action Plan Towards Resilience and Climate Neutrality in Latin America and the Caribbean during the high-profile first Ministerial Summit of the OECD Regional Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean on Environmental Sustainability, entitled 'Economic Resilience, Green and Just Transition'. This initiative is designed to strengthen efforts to implement the Action Plan, as well as to establish a digital platform of good practices to share experiences and knowledge for economically resilient, green and just development in the region.

Latin American and the Caribbean
Action Plan Towards Climate Resilience and Neutrality

The Action Plan contains 40 key policy recommendations to overcome challenges and grasp the opportunities associated with a transition towards climate resilience and neutrality in LAC.

Designation of Contact Points

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