2021 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Week


John Ivil

Strategic Procurement Advisor


John is an experienced and well-respected commercial leader who has just completed 11 years leading the New Zealand government’s programme of procurement reform and implementing procurement functional leadership. He has established and driven ‘principles based’ government procurement policy and practice that is acknowledged as world leading and culminated in the Oxford University Business School globally ranking New Zealand as No1 in the world for Government procurement. He is the current Chair of the OECD Working Party of the Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement and has been previously been a strategic advisor to the World Bank Procurement Reform Programme and numerous governance groups. John has developed a reputation of leaning into problems and asking, ‘why not’. He is a firm believer that New Zealand’s Government Procurement Rules provide significant flexibility and that agencies and procurement professionals need not fear the rules but should embrace the opportunities they provide to drive innovation, broader outcomes for New Zealanders and public value. Procurement solutions must be timely and agile, or they become irrelevant to both business and government agencies. John holds a Master’s Degree in Management Studies from the University of New South Wales.

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