2020 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Weeks

Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA)


Founded in 2014, LTIIA gathers investors across the world that collectively manage in excess of US dollars 350bn of assets in Infrastructure and that includes some of the most active long term investors globally in that field. LTIIA recognizes the key role that infrastructure plays in supporting healthy economies, and standards of living, and believe that a long term view when investing in infrastructure drive the best outcomes for all, enabling sustainable development of communities and countries. LTIIA works proactively with public and private stakeholders around the world to support the flow of private capital to the right infrastructure projects without restraint. It strives to bring transparency and cohesion to the industry through harmonization, benchmarking and education. It also identifies and shares best practices in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance issues. • LTIIA translates investor perspectives to governments as they create regulation, build plans, and communicate the value of infrastructure. It helped the European authorities shape the definition and treatment of infrastructure as a lower-risk asset class under Solvency II. • LTIIA champions data collection and development of analytical tools that assist our members with building unique insights into their investment portfolios. Working with EDHEC Infrastructure Institute, it has sponsored the development of long-term infrastructure performance benchmark. Working with eFront, we are building software tools that help investors track their ESG compliance. • LTIIA facilitates and promotes the highest level of Environmental, Social and Governance responsibility in infrastructure investing. Together with their members and UN-PRI, they produced ESG Handbook for long term investors in infrastructure. LTIIA Climate Task Force is working with several governments on the infrastructure investment component of their carbon reduction commitments. • LTIIA convenes the most senior cohort in infrastructure to tackle the industry’s issues. Today, it gathers investors that collectively manage in excess of 5 trillion dollars of assets. Our events featured top executives from U.S. Treasury and Department of Transportation, the European Commission, the World Bank and IMF, renowned academics and opinion leaders in the infrastructure marketplace.

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