5th Roundtable on Investment and Sustainable Development – Setting reforms in motion to boost sustainable investment


October 18, 2022
07:50 - 08:45
Session 1a: Opportunities and challenges to boost sustainable investment
High-level policymakers from OECD and partner countries and executives from the private sector will share their perspectives on key opportunities and bottlenecks to sustainable investment in their economies and sectors. The session aims to set the scene for subsequent sessions and identify where different actors need to work to improve policy implementation.
08:45 - 09:30
Session 1b: Opportunities and challenges to boost sustainable investment
Senior officials from international organisations coordinated under the World Investment for Development Alliance (WIDA) will react to the reflections of the speakers in Session 1a and discuss how their organisations support governments and the private sector to unlock opportunities and address challenges to quality investments.
09:30 - 09:45
Coffee break
09:45 - 11:00
Session 2: Better leveraging existing policy tools for sustainable investment
Building on the first session, international organisations present a comprehensive snapshot of existing policy and measurement tools that aim to mobilise sustainable investment. The session intends to identify gaps, synergies and potential overlaps of approaches. Policymakers react by illustrating successful cases in which support has worked well and other situations where policy tools have been less successful to assist achieving sustainable investment objectives. This session aims to conclude with concrete approaches on how different international organisations can work and cooperate to better assist policymakers, including investment promotion agencies, and investors in their efforts to boost sustainable investment.
11:00 - 12:15
Lunch break
12:15 - 13:30
Session 3: Towards an FDI Qualities Implementation Roadmap
OECD’s FDI Qualities initiative has achieved important milestones over the past years. It has developed indicators and a policy toolkit to help governments improve the impact of investment in four areas of the SDGs: decarbonisation; job quality and skills; gender equality; and productivity and innovation. This work generated strong political support, which resulted in a Recommendation of the OECD Council on FDI Qualities for Sustainable Development. With the adoption of the Recommendation in June 2022, the Council provided the Investment Committee and the FDI Qualities Policy Network an ambitious mandate to implement the work on FDI Qualities. In this session, which gathers the FDI Qualities Policy Network, the OECD Secretariat will present the draft FDI Qualities Implementation Roadmap and engage in a discussion with Network participants from across stakeholder groups to receive feedback and directions for improving the roadmap.
13:30 - 13:45
Coffee break
13:45 - 15:00
Session 4: Launch of FDI Qualities Guide for Development Co-operation
This session launches the FDI Qualities Guide for Development Co-operation, which provides guidance to strengthen the role of development co-operation for mobilising FDI and enhancing its positive impact in developing countries. The Guide is addressed to donors and other development co-operation actors involved in the promotion of sustainable investment. It can also be used as a reference for partner countries willing to collaborate with development co-operation actors on this agenda. It has been designed to support the implementation of the OECD Recommendation on FDI Qualities for Sustainable Development, and to complement the FDI Qualities Policy Toolkit. The Guide is a joint endeavour of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and the Investment Committee (IC). This session presents the Guide and its features and engages in a discussion on why development co-operation plays a key role in enabling private investment for sustainable development and how the guide can support co-ordinated action.