5th Roundtable on Investment and Sustainable Development – Setting reforms in motion to boost sustainable investment

Setting reforms in motion to boost sustainable investment

5th Roundtable on Investment and Sustainable Development

18 October 2022

About the Roundtable

The fifth annual roundtable will convene sustainable investment actors – public and private, domestic and foreign - to identify concrete reforms for sustainable investment and set these reforms in motion. 

High-level policymakers and distinguished speakers from the development co-operation community, international organisations, the private sector, academia and civil society will contribute their views and insights on what real-world actions, partnerships and co-ordination mechanisms are required to boost international investment and report on its sustainability impact.

The sessions


Watch the video to learn how investment is key for delivering on the SDGs Harnessing foreign investment for sustainable development

Harnessing investment for sustainable development FDI Qualities Initiative

The OECD FDI Qualities Initiative provides governments with the policies, data and expertise they need to encourage sustainable investment that is greener, promotes quality jobs & upskilling, improves gender equality, and contributes to a more productive and innovative economy.


FDI Qualities Indicators

The FDI Qualities Indicators measure the impact on four SDG areas: productivity and innovation, job quality and skills, gender equality, and decarbonisation.


FDI Qualities Policy Toolkit

The Toolkit is designed to help governments identify priorities for reforms to attract and retain sustainable investment, and is structured around the five key policy principles on FDI Qualities.


FDI Qualities Council Recommendation

This Recommendation will be the first multilateral instrument that provides guidance to governments on leveraging foreign investment to finance the SDGs, fulfil the commitments made in the Paris Agreement, and optimise the strength and quality of post-crisis recovery.

Making investment work for green growth

Foreign direct investment (FDI) that fosters green growth and development while preserving natural assets will make a key contribution to efforts to curb climate change and achieve the SDGs. In the run-up to COP26, the OECD’s Iris Mantovani explores the contribution of FDI to lowering carbon emissions and advancing green growth.