2024 OECD Infrastructure Forum


Caitlin Durkovich


Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Homeland Security Advisor


Caitlin Durkovich serves as the Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Homeland Security Advisor for Resilience and Response at the White House National Security Council (NSC). In this role, she leads the development of preparedness policies relating to the prevention, mitigation, response to, and recovery from natural and manmade disasters. Ms. Durkovich is also responsible for the advancement of national policies and programs that enhance the security and resilience of the United States, its critical infrastructure, and democratic processes; and strategies for countering foreign malign influence. Ms. Durkovich served as the presidentially appointed Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the Obama Administration from 2012 to 2017. Prior to joining the NSC, Ms. Durkovich was a Director at Toffler Associates and served as a Non-resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Sowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. She has co-authored and authored multiple documents including The Future of DHS (Atlantic Council, August 2020), and the “Critical Infrastructure” chapter in Beyond 9/11: Homeland Security for the Twenty-First Century (MIT Press, August 2020).

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