2024 OECD Infrastructure Forum

Plenary 3 - Critical infrastructure resilience

Apr 10, 2024 | 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM


Room CC1 The interconnectedness and mutual reliance of infrastructure assets across sectors increases in interdependency across critical infrastructure systems when extreme weather conditions occur, making it more vulnerable to a range of stresses and threats.. Interconnectedness extends to sectors like water supply, telecommunications, healthcare where a malfunction in one sector can significantly impact others, and a single point of failure in one sector may trigger disruptions across others, leading to widespread socio-economic consequences. Analysing these interdependencies helps in assessing risks, planning for civil contingencies, and designing resilient infrastructure that can better withstand, minimise and recover from the domino effect of failures. This session will discuss resilience measures fit for the future, including building partnerships across relevant actors, involving communities in planning and decision-making processes, developing business continuity plans to mitigate and respond to disasters, taking more agile regulatory and decision-making approaches, and using new data and technological tools to strengthen monitoring and foresight.

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