8th OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment

From transition to climate-aligned finance: Key measurement issues and challenges (Part II)

Oct 12, 2021 | 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM


At a global level, multiple GHG pathways may be consistent with the Paris Agreement temperature goal, each, however, based on different contributions by different economic sectors and geographical areas over time. From both a sectoral and national perspective, the availability of finance is critical in order to invest in solutions, which, when added up, are consistent and aligned with the Paris Agreement temperature goal. With this in mind, investors and providers of financing need robust data, definitions and methodologies to assess climate aligned, transition and misaligned activities within their existing portfolios and when evaluating new opportunities. This second part of the afternoon session, hosted by the OECD Research Collaborative on Tracking Finance for Climate Action, will explore the ongoing developments and remaining challenges in this area.

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