OECD Global Parliamentary Network Plenary Meeting 2024


Iulius Marian Firczak

Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament

Member of Parliament



Iulius Marian FIRCZAK was born in Deva (Hunedoara)on October 14, 1979. He graduated the Faculty of Physics of the West University in Timisoara in 2002. In 2006 he completed the Master's courses in Public Policy and European Integration within the National School of Political and Administrative Studies SNSPA, and in 2008 completed the Master's courses of the National College of Defense within the National University of Defense "Carol I". Since 2016, he is a deputy in the Romanian Parliament, Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of National Minorities and member of the Finance and Banks Budget Committee, and since 2020 he is the secretary of this committee. During 2020-2024 mandate, he became a member of the Joint Special Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate for supporting the accession process of Romania to OECD.