OECD Global Parliamentary Network Plenary Meeting 2024


Heidemarie Sequenz

Legislative Assembly of Vienna

Member of Parliament



I am a member of the Legislative Assembly of Vienna/Austria, speaker for mobility and city planing. The fair distribution of public space is one of my biggest concerns. In Vienna 65% of all traffic areas are occupied by cars, although only 27% of all travels are done by cars. This leaves little space for active and sustainable mobility. This needs to change, especially since then the vast majority of the people wins. 50% of all households in Vienna don't own a car. What cities need is less parking is public space: this makes cities quieter, cleaner and creates room for other more sustainable modes of transports, for planting trees and a safer environment for everybody. Cities are mainly planed from a male perspective, which often is very car-centered, not considering the different needs of women. This also needs to change quickly.