Future in flux? Global issues and national strategies for responsible quantum technology development


Thierry Botter

European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)

Executive Director


Executive Director European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) - Director of Europe’s largest quantum-focused industry association, andone of the most influential quantum industry community. In 2023: more than 180 members across entire European continent. - Advise national & European governments to structure strategies andrelated undertakings in support of the quantum industry. - Established the International Council of Quantum Industry Associationswith partners in the USA (QED-C), Canada (QIC) & Japan (QED-C). - Invited speaker, advisor, advocate and thought leader at various international forums, such as the G7 Summit. Consultant, Quantum Strategy and Ventures BotterQuantum BV Advisor on business development, strategy, and the quantum market.

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