Future in flux? Global issues and national strategies for responsible quantum technology development

A global race has begun to achieve quantum supremacy, develop sensing capabilities of unparalleled precision and create ultra-secure communication systems. This quantum revolution stands to open new frontiers in science and could help solve some of the world’s most intricate problems. But realising the potential of these technologies while mitigating their risks will not happen by itself. 

From the design of inclusive skills policy to the development of international alliances and forward-looking national strategies for emerging tech, policy-making plays a critical role in pushing forward technological frontiers. Join us on 27-28 November as leading experts and policy-makers explore the course of the ongoing technological revolution, consider its promises and outstanding challenges, and focus their attention on responsible quantum technology development.

About the Global Forum on Technology (GFTech)

Announced at the December 2022 OECD Digital Economy Ministerial meeting, the OECD Global Forum on Technology is a venue for regular in-depth dialogue to foresee and get ahead of long-term opportunities and risks presented by technology. It facilitates inclusive, multi-stakeholder and values-based discussions on specific technology policy topics, responding to gaps in existing fora.


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