Future in flux? Global issues and national strategies for responsible quantum technology development


Reena Dayal

Quantum Ecosystem and Technology Council of India

Founder and CEO


Reena Dayal is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Ecosystems and Technology Council of India( QETCI). She is on the Steering Committee of the IEEE Quantum Initiative, on the Quantum Task Force for the Govt of India, on the Consultative Committee for Quantum for the Government of Telangana, and a member of the Global Futures Council for Quantum at the World Economic Forum. She is the Ex-Chairperson for SNIA in India and a member of the Institute of Directors. She has an Engineering degree from IIT Roorkee. She is a Chevening Fellow for the Science and Innovation Leadership Program from The Said Business School, University of Oxford. She is also a Mindfulness practitioner. Quantum Ecosystems Technology Council of India (QETCI), is a not-for-profit organization that is a Think Tank and an Ecosystem Entity dedicated to Enabling and Accelerating the Quantum Ecosystem in India. The focus is on Collaboration to enable the best in Quantum in India and from across the world. QETCI is bringing in Government, Industry, Academia, Standard Bodies, and Startups together to create a Collaborative base for forward-looking initiatives and projects.

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