2024 OECD Global Forum on Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy

OECD Work & Initiatives

OECD Reinforcing Democracy Initiative

Launched at the 2022 OECD Global Forum and Ministerial on Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy, the OECD’s Reinforcing Democracy Initiative provides evidence-based guidance and good international practices to help countries reinforce democratic values and institutions.
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Innovative Citizen Participation 

Innovative Citizen Participation explores the innovative ways that governments can effectively engage with citizens and stakeholders to source ideas, co-create solutions, and tackle complex policy problems. It focuses on new research in the area of deliberative, collaborative, and participatory decision making that are evolving across the globe.
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Trust in Government

As part of its work on measuring what drives trust in democratic government, the OECD is exploring the various ways governments can strengthen trust - an especially important task as countries emerge from the global pandemic and face new global challenges.
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Open Government for Stronger Democracies

Open government is a powerful catalyst for driving democracy, public trust, and inclusive growth. In recognition of this, the OECD Council adopted the Recommendation on Open Government in 2017. To date, it remains the first - and only - internationally recognised legal instrument on open government and has guided many countries in designing and implementing their open government agendas. 
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Tackling disinformation, strengthening information integrity

Rising disinformation has far-reaching consequences in many policy areas ranging from public health to national security. It can cast doubt on factual evidence, jeopardise the implementation of public policies and undermine people’s trust in the integrity of democratic institutions. This new OECD report offers the first baseline assessment of how OECD countries are upgrading their governance measures to support an environment where reliable information can thrive, prioritising freedom of expression and human rights. 
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Rule of Law and Access to Justice

The OECD Global Roundtables on Access to Justice support countries in closing the remaining gaps in accessibility, effectiveness and efficiency of justice, by identifying and fostering exchange of good practices and experiences in enhancing access to justice from both citizen and business perspectives.
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OECD.AI Policy Observatory

OECD.AI combines resources from across the OECD, partners and stakeholder groups to create a one-stop-shop for AI policymakers. At the heart of its work is the OECD.AI Network of Experts.
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OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI)

Founded in 2011 based on the growing need for governments to adopt new approaches to address society’s complex problems, OPSI works to move beyond the “status quo”. We work with governments, academia, industry and global NGOs and civil society to provide cutting-edge public sector innovation support and guidance. We track innovation efforts around the globe and provide a global forum and knowledge hub for shared learning.
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