2024 OECD Global Forum on Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy


Platform use and data protection

What is the platform's privacy policy?
inwink is an event-management tool which processes participants’ authentication when registering to an event. 
Collection of personal data by the inwink’s authentication system is required for the user to register for an event, to access the event website, and to access practical and logistic information related to the event. 
Personal data collected by inwink are: last name, first name, contact information, log in and password, in addition to all the fields placed by the event organizer in the event registration form. 
These personal data are confidential and hosted by inwink. They can be shared with partners and external service providers exclusively for registration management and user participation purposes. 
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act ( « Loi « Informatiques et Libertés » n°78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 telle que modifiée par la loi n°2004-801 du 6 août 2004 »), upon justifying their identity, the user has a right to access and modify the data that concern them, and to refuse altogether the processing of their personal data.
Which browser is recommended to use the platform?
For optimal browsing, a modern and up-to-date browser is necessary. 
Example of compatible browsers: 
  • Google Chrome 
  • Firefox 
  • Edge 
  • Safari 
Obsolete browser: IE11 does not support the new web standards. 

The IT department of some companies may restrict certain functionalities (video viewing, videoconferencing). In this case, it is recommended if possible to change the browser. If this does not work, please use another means of connection (access to the site via another computer, mobile or other personal device). 

If all the above is up to date and you still can't see the session, try refreshing your page and clearing your cache. Links on how to to clear each browser below:
Is there a phone app?
No, the OECD events website does not have a phone application. All relevant information is available on the events websites and is fully adapted and accessible via your internet browser on your mobile device.
How the OECD process and protect personal data? 
The OECD is committed to protecting your personal data. 
Your registration and activity data will be used to enable your participation in this event and stored on the OECD events platform, Inwink (France), which is hosted by Microsoft Azure (Ireland). 
Participant data is deleted from the platform after two years after the event. 
Additional information about our rules and your rights is available on the OECD website. 
Personal Data Protection at the OECD
I created an account by registering for an event. How can my personal data be removed from the platform?
You can delete your account at any time.
Log in to the event you registered for, click on the person icon on the top-right, and then select My Information
Click on the Delete my account button under the Privacy Protection section. 
You will be notified by email once your account is deleted. It may take up to 2 working days.

Registration & Account Management

Do I need to create an account to participate in events on this platform?  
Yes, you will need to create an account in order to participate in events on the platform. This account allows you to register for events, access restricted event details and related content,  join online sessions and engage with other participants. Creating an account ensures a seamless and personalized experience throughout your event participation.
In accordance with OECD Personal Data Protection rules, your data will be deleted from the platform two years after the event.
How to create an account? 
To create an account on the platform, visit an upcoming event listed on the www.oecd-events.org website. Locate the Register button and provide the required information in the registration form. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email inviting you to log in to your account. When logging in to the registered event, you can set your password.
What information is required during the registration process?
The registration forms on the platform may vary depending on the type of event. Each form requires personal information (such as first name, last name, gender, country) and professional information (email, job title, company).
Additional questions may relate to experience or motivation to participate in the event. 
Can I edit my registration details after submitting?
You will have the option to update the personal information submitted in the registration form, such as your name, email address, and other details. If you need to modify your event participation details, you can either contact the event organizers directly or unregister and register for the event again.
Can I transfer my event registration to someone else if I am unable to attend?
Registrations for events on the platform are personal and cannot be transferred to another person.
Can I invite colleagues to join an event with me?
Some events on the platform have configurations that allow sending information about the event to colleagues during the registration stage or even for registering individuals representing the same institution.
Can I access my profile even if the event is over?
You can access your profile even after the event has concluded. 
This allows you to update your information, connect with other participants (if activated), and access restricted content.
How to reset my password? 
If you have forgotten your password to your account, you can reset it by clicking on the log in button on the event page you registered for.
I am locked out of my account. What should I do to regain access?
If you enter an incorrect password multiple times when trying to log in to your account, it will be blocked for 5 minutes. After this time, you can enter the correct password or reset it.
How can I unregister from the event? 
You can unregister from the event at any time. 
Open the event for which you registered, log in, click on the person icon in the top-right corner, and select My Information. Click on the Unregister button.


Will my video be shown during the sessions?
Only speakers videos will be shared during each of the public sessions. If you wish to participate in Networking, you will have the option to turn on your camera and speak with other event attendees.
Can I interact with other event participants?
Some events on the platform are configured to enable interaction among participants. This step is voluntary and can be accepted or rejected in the registration form.

I accepted networking function during the registration process. Can I deactivate it? 
You can deactivate the networking feature at any time. 
Open the event for which you accepted networking, log in, click on the person icon in the top-right corner, and select My Information. Untick the button under the Want to network with others? question.
Will I be able to access the online sessions replays? 
Live-streamed sessions will be accessible after the event for all logged-in participants.