OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum

Session 2: Digital technologies for better environmental policy design, monitoring and enforcement

Nov 21, 2023 | 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM


Digital technologies have the potential to improve the whole policy cycle to make environmental policies more effective. More accurate and real-time information on pollution can allow the design of more effective policies. Environmental compliance could be enhanced through monitoring, using digital technologies and satellite imagery, while drones could be used to identify illegal logging or construction. But there are trade-offs to consider as well. Deepfakes, misuse of AI and broader online misinformation campaigns may disrupt environmental legislative processes by targeting lawmakers and influencing public consultation processes, e.g. through credible but fake responses. Technological barriers may limit participation of citizens that are not digitally savvy in participatory policy making. This session will discuss how digital technologies can help enhance the design, monitoring and enforcement of environmental policies.

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Session 2 - Key resources

Public policies

Using Digital Technologies to Improve the Design and Enforcement of Public Policies

Digitalisation is having a profound impact on social and economic activity. While often benefiting from a very long history of public investment in R&D, digitalisation has been largely driven by the private sector. However, the combined adoption of new digital technologies, increased reliance upon new data sources, and use of advanced analytic methods hold significant potential to: i) improve the effectiveness and enforcement of public policies; ii) enable innovative policy design and impact evaluation, and; iii) expand citizen and stakeholder engagement in policy making and implementation.
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