OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum

Session 4: Digital technologies for smart sustainable cities

Nov 22, 2023 | 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM


Digital technologies are key enablers for the transformation of cities necessary for the low-carbon transition. The density of connected devices and sensors in urban areas will deliver large and diverse datasets that can help improve urban policies in many areas, including air quality, energy consumption, and traffic demand and supply while improving resilience to climate shocks. Digitalisation can also help to restructure current car-dependent systems by facilitating shifts to active and shared transport modes, and by reducing unnecessary mobility demand. Big data, AI, and advanced software can help operators to support the progressive electrification of multiple economic sectors by managing the power demand of connected devices, buildings and electric cars. AI may also play a key role in synthesising these new datasets. This session explored the role of such digital technologies in supporting transformative policies in smart cities.

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Session 4 - Key resources


Mix and MaaS: Data Architecture for Mobility as a Service

This report develops a framework for data sharing between transport operators that enables them to better integrate transport services and move towards the creation of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms.
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Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth

This paper has been prepared in the framework of the OECD Programme on Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth. It offers a synthesis of the lively discussions held during the 1st OECD Roundtable on Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth (2019), enriched with analytical research. Next steps in the Programme will further advance knowledge on the drivers and pitfalls of smart cities, help better measure smart city performance, and provide targeted support to interested cities and countries to improve the effectiveness of their smart city initiatives.
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Digitalisation and Cities

Enhancing the Contribution of Digitalisation to the Smart Cities of the Future

This paper (re)defines smart cities as “initiatives or approaches that effectively leverage digitalisation to boost citizen well-being and deliver more efficient, sustainable and inclusive urban services and environments as part of a collaborative, multi-stakeholder process”.
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Emerging Asia

Trends for Smart City Strategies in Emerging Asia

Smart cities represent the future of urban development in Emerging Asia as more and more cities and countries resort to smart technologies to build more efficient and liveable urban environments, boost economic growth, foster well-being and facilitate citizen engagement.
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