GFTech: The human future: What’s on the horizon?

About the Global Forum on Technology (GFTech)

Announced at the December 2022 OECD Digital Economy Ministerial meeting, the OECD Global Forum on Technology is a for regular in-depth dialogue to foresee and get ahead of long-term opportunities and risks presented by technology. It facilitates inclusive, multi-stakeholder and values-based discussions on specific technology policy topics, responding to gaps in existing fora. 

GFTech is an OECD initiative to unite the world’s best minds in technology with forward-looking policymakers to reduce uncertainties about the risks of cutting-edge technologies. The forum uses a people-centric approach to develop effective solutions that harness democracy and human rights to protect our shared values. Promoting international co-operation and sharing stakeholder insights provides an opportunity to ignite thought-provoking ideas, making GFTech a unique platform to facilitate this conversation.


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