Building our Biofuture: Policy issues and opportunities for next generation biotechnologies


Joonho Keum




Joonho Keum is the co-founder and CEO of SeaWith and a Ph.D. candidate in the NewBiology department at DGIST, focusing on research in tissue engineering and senescence biology. In addition, he collaborates with the World Bank's Aqua Invest initiative as an exper, driving innovation in seaweed technology. Initially, Keum launched a startup named 'Yo.od,' which specialized in developing low-iodine seaweed by employing technology to reduce the iodine content in seaweed. Drawing on his bioengineering expertise, Keum evolved 'Yo.od' into 'SeaWith.' 'SeaWith' is at the forefront of producing 'welldone,' a cultivated meat product crafted through algae engineering technology. The company has set global records for the highest production volume and the lowest cost by utilizing seaweed and microalgae-based materials. Currently, SeaWith is working towards regulatory approvals in the United States and Korea, aiming to launch the product by 2025.

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