Building our Biofuture: Policy issues and opportunities for next generation biotechnologies

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Hear from selected event speakers on the promise of next generation biotechnologies and the importance of international discussions like the Global Forum on Technology

OECD Youthwise and Global Biotechnology Policy: Key insights

Alexandros Skouris highlights the importance of OECD Youthwise participation in the Global Forum on Technology, particularly around biotechnologies. As countries enhance their biotechnology capabilities, technologies like synthetic biology, gene editing, gene drives, and biomanufacturing promise significant advancements but also pose policy challenges such as biosecurity, innovation scaling, and global equity. During the April 2024 OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial Meeting, the Global Forum on Technology addressed these issues, focusing on next-generation biotechnologies. On 24 April 2024, over 50 countries and international organizations endorsed a Ministerial Declaration advocating for innovative policies promoting sustainability and inclusivity, and welcomed a new OECD framework for responsible governance of emerging technologies. Find out more at more at
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